Extended Day Program

Mary Ann Lovett,
Program Director

Operating every school day!

  • Mornings:  7:00 - 7:30 a.m.

  • Afternoons:  3:45 - 6:00 p.m.

  • Early Release:  12:20 - 6:00 p.m.

Afternoon EDP is not available on the last school day before Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation.

At St. Jose Sanchez Catholic School, we see afterschool time as an opportunity for purposeful play and the ability to foster curiosity, creativity, caring for each other in kindness, and initiating a community of multi-age learners.

Goals of our program:

  1. To provide time for homework completion with assistance by our proctors when required.

  2. To foster acceptance of varying individuals whether that be based on economics, race, country of origin (native culture), faith beliefs, age, or disabilities. This will be accomplished both by behavior toward one another and through literature exposing the variety of people on earth.

  3. Respect shown by each attendee to one another.

  4. Games that teach so that fun is a part of learning.

  5. Art and craft activities to instill skills and opportunity for self expression.

  6. Life skills: opportunity for gardening, cooking, sewing, carpentry, and politeness.

  7. Instill a love for literature and develop reading for enjoyment as well as knowledge.

  8. Outdoor activities to develop camaraderie and physical dexterity.

  9. Character development along with socio-emotional skills will be emphasized.

We provide a nutritious snack for the students daily generally consisting of fruit or vegetable and some cracker, cookie, or chips.

Kids for Peace
Pinwheel Kids
Happy Kids Huddle
Kids with Robotics
Kids Reading Map
Kids Blowing Bubbles
Kids Building
Kids Drawing
Kids Painting
Kids' Paintings
Kids Praying

Extended Day Program Fees

1 Child        $1800

2 Children   $3060

3 Children   $4050

Out of school activities have purpose whether that is free play or organized activities. Our program is not "school" but an adjunct to accompany the goals of the school to create healthy, caring, educated individuals.

Inspiring each child to find a calling and change the world!

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