faith & Character

We are proudly rooted in the Roman Catholic Tradition and follow our Patron, St. Jose Sanchez del Rio, in defending the faith. Our Defenders live out their faith in all aspects of our day and in how we treat each other. Our school welcomes all faith traditions!

The students at St. Jose Sanchez del Rio Catholic School develop their character as sons and daughters of the King, God Almighty,  through the daily experiences and models in the Catholic faith. Virtues in Practice is a program for children to grow closer to Jesus by imitating His life and virtues. It is set up in such a way that a whole school studies the same virtue each month, to provide a whole-school (and at home, whole-family) focus. The program covers 27 virtues over a three-year cycle, with 81 saints held up as models of the virtues.

we are witness

to god's love

  • Daily morning prayer 

  • Service projects to support our school, parish and city community

  • Students lead weekly Mass as lectors, altar servers, and music ministry

  • Sacrament of First Communion at age 8

  • Sacrament of Confirmation at age 16

  • Celebrate feast days and church celebrations

  • Veneration of St. Jose Sanchez del Rio Relic

  • Weekly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

  • School-wide reconciliation service

  • Teacher and student retreats

The Catholic school’s task is fundamentally a synthesis of culture and faith, and a synthesis of faith and life: the first is reached by integrating all the different aspects of human knowledge through the subjects taught, in the light of the Gospel; the second is the growth of the virtues characteristic of the Christian.” (Congregation for Catholic Education, The Catholic School 37)

Inspiring each child to find a calling and change the world!

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