• Veronica Montalvo

A 360° Approach to Helping your Student become the Best Version of Themselves

No parent enjoys watching a child suffer. Most parents are uncomfortable if a child struggles or is unhappy. Some parents feel every mistake made by their child means parental inadequacy. So, the following advice may be hard to take: When your child is struggling: Celebrate! Celebrate? Yes, celebrate. Because if your child is failing early, cheaply, and often, he/she is becoming more independent. He/She is learning how to survive and succeed in the real world, in a community where it is safe to learn from mistakes and grow. He/She is developing GRIT.

Let natural consequences teach valuable lessons. If doing nothing seems a disregard of your parenting duties, then provide empathy: “Gee, that sounds hard.” Perhaps add growth mindset encouragement: “I see you are trying hard. I would call that ‘grit.’” Finally, send them back into the game with an affirmation: “I trust you can figure this out. I’ll look forward to hearing what you decided to do.”

If apathy sets in with your young Defender, you may need to provide some boundaries and

consequences at home. Anything enabling beyond this is likely to do long term harm. Our job is to prepare our young heroes to change the world…not to prevent struggle or unhappiness.

Setbacks that are not permanently damaging encourage grit, courage, and perseverance.

Again, our job is to prepare our young heroes to overcome challenges and soar, not to

remove all obstacles to make life easy.

Tips for continued encouragement of your child:

  • Visit our Google Classroom page and view the day’s presentations and files (St. Dominic Savio Studio Class)

  • Read the Studio Promises and Constitution. Dialogue with your student to learn how he/she is living out those promises daily. Learn how they are holding themselves and others accountable.

  • Look at their eLearning platforms and monitor the time they spend on them and their progress. Online learning is NEW for everyone and time management has been an obstacle for some as they jump from platform to platform while not devoting sufficient time to the learning process.

  • Ask what they NEED! Does you child bring a water bottle each day? Do they have a healthy snack? Are they bringing their St. Jose gym uniform on Tuesday and Thursday? Do they have their required reading books?

St. Jose Sanchez del Rio and the St. Dominic Savio Studio offers an encouraging environment where the young Defenders can earn more freedom by assuming more responsibility and grow as they learn from mistakes. While we have a great deal of energy and fun in the studio, learning from real consequences and doing real work can be hard at times. Understand that growth requires effort, and occasionally discomfort. When a student falls, the best a parent can do is help the child back up, give him a hug, and send him back into the arena. It is much easier to learn the most important lessons in life early, at home and at St. Jose, than to avoid them and have them reappear later in life.

Inspiring each child to find a calling and change the world!

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