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Week 5: Cells!! What are they? Where are they? Are they different?

Updated: Sep 21

Week 5 in the Elementary Studio took a deeper dive into learning about Who we are. We decided to investigate the animal cell (cheek cell) and how they are different from plant cells (onion cells). Students wrote up a Lab report the previous week of how they would conduct the experiment using the 7 steps to the Scientific Method. They learned the parts of a microscope and how to carry and maneuver it as well. Here are a few photos of their 7 step report and their use of the microscope.

Student used his lab report to draw his results and then he wrote out his findings in results. He also included his conclusion of whether his hypothesis was correct. Many of the students discovered the cheek cell was a curved circular shape and the onion was a square/rectangular shape.

Students used the microscope to view the slides they created, animal and plant cells, using their cheek and onion. Students also added a drop of Iodine as a stain to view the cells better.


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