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Fun Friday in the Primary Studio!

It was Fun Friday in the Montessori studio last week! Last Friday the St. Kizito Primary students had a lot of fun with the "Milk Magic" experiment. They went into the Antoni Gaudi studio to conduct their experiment. They dropped the dish soap into the milk with food coloring in it, and noticed a swirl of soap molecules dancing around looking for mates. The colors of the milk got all mixed up! In addition to the science experiment they had a fun PE session, music and dancing, as well as two birthday celebrations, Montessori style! All of the children made a large circle around the sun that has been placed on the floor. The birthday child stood with the globe beside the label that has their birth month on it. The candle was lit to signify the moment the child was born. We then began reading their life story that parents prepared from birth up until the age they are. The birthday child began the journey walking (slowly) around the sun 1 time, with the globe in their hands - stopping when they reached their birth month again. While the birthday child walked, the children in the outer circle sang "The Earth goes round the sun, the earth goes round he sun, the earth goes round the sun then (name of the child) turns 1, 2, etc. In Montessori tradition each child shared a picture and story for year of their life as they took a walk around the sun. Then they were treated to a paleta from the Head of School. The children enjoyed listening to their friend's biographies. Since we are talking about biographies this session this was a perfect introduction to the subject. We also have been listening to the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and listening to music composed by him. As one child put it "it was a super fun Friday!"


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