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Fun Friday learning!

Updated: Sep 28

The St. Kizito students can have the opportunity to earn a Fun Friday. There is usually Art, Science experiments, PE, Music and Show and Share. This past Friday activities included rock painting, sidewalk chalk and Show and Share. The students had fun creatively painting rocks they had collected by a statue of the Blessed Mother. They will be taking the rocks and decorating the statue of the Blessed Mother this Friday. One child painted a rainbow and another a smiley face. All were very creative. Their “chalk art” drawings were anything from outer space to themselves to insects we have been learning about. Show and Share began this last week in the studio. Their task was to bring a sphere, a cube or cylinder to school. All three shapes were represented! Each child stood and presented their objects and spoke about the shape. Show and Share helps children build their oral skills. It also helps prepare them for public speaking by speaking in front of their peers. It helps them use descriptive language, use full sentences, and answer questions. They all enjoyed showing their objects and talking about them. All of which will help with the Socratic dialogue they will be practicing in the future!


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