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Our WOW! Week 2 - Elementary Studio

Updated: Sep 2

The week began with the students getting familiar with Powtoon, a visual communication platform that gives the students the freedom to create a customized video. Each day, the students manipulated, created and worked on it to create a video of their story they wrote last week in Writers Workshop. After much trial and error, by Friday they all had a "WOW," when they got to see each others' videos. Each one was unique and very different.

Here are a few:


https://www.powtoon.com/s/eayDZZtbcaU/1/m https://www.powtoon.com/s/fOyuzFtIpcN/1/m

Our Socratic Dialogue flourished greatly when sharing our thoughts and ideas on the poem, "Power of One" by Ashish Ram. Students created slogans to encourage others to use their power of one, here are a few slides:

Words, words, words are all over in each of our 5 C's (Collect, Conquer, Collaborate, Create and Collect) so many new words were discovered this week. One interesting word was "Lament" during our morning Collect, from the book of Jeremiah, as he often laments to Our Lord. Also, we came across some Spanish words from our D.E.A.R book, St. Jose Sanchez Boy, Cristero, Martyr. Our vocabulary is expanding!

We had our five Enrichment classes: Art, Music, P.E., Lab, and Writers Workshop. In Art, the students explored the style of Pablo Picasso as they created a geometric picture using different shapes. During music class, students learned how many beats a quarter and half note have and learned to draw each note and make 4 measures.


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