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St. Kizito Primary students are exploring the amazing world of Montessori Math!

The primary studio students use the unique Montessori math materials. The Montessori math is very exact. Dr. Montessori believed that the brain is naturally drawn to precision, to organize, to compare, to create order out of disorder, to classify and to quantify patterns and relationships. A young child can learn the Alphabet Song without having any idea of the sounds the letters make, a child often learns to count to 10 (or 20, or 100) without understanding what the words mean. There are three separate concepts, number, quantity, and the relationship of the two together. The very first Montessori math materials are in the Sensorial area of the classroom; they include the Pink Tower, Brown Stair, Red Rods, and Cylinder Blocks. These materials may not seem to be mathematical in nature, however each of the materials is based on the number 10: ten cubes, ten rods, ten cylinders. , etc.) that enable the child to master new work quickly. The introductory materials are all hands-on rather than abstract. They are sequential – each one builds upon the one before. They contain many similar elements (colors for hierarchies, beads, etc.) that enable the child to master new work quickly. The materials are very concrete and move toward abstraction helping the older child with computing math facts. The activities begin with one to one correspondence and go from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division fractions and place value. The students are able to choose work as often as they like once presented with lesson, enabling them to master their math skills.

In math some of the primary students are working on one-to one correspondence 1-10 and 11-20. Some are working on addition and the hundred board. All are becoming familiar with the Montessori math materials and bead work. They are becoming familiar with the colors of the beads and the Montessori hands on method so they may work to their full potential in that area of the studio.

The St. Kizito Primary students are having so much fun learning the fascinating world of mathematics that Dr. Montessori developed!

“Children display a universal love of mathematics, which is par excellence the science of precision, order, and intelligence.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori.


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