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We're BACK.....Elementary - First Week of 2nd Session

Updated: Oct 12

Their schedule began for the day by Reading from the Bible, Meditating, Reflecting and Prayer. Followed by song, affirmation and goal setting. We will be focusing on the Heroes of the Bible and those Heroes (Saints) of our Faith.

The children then begin their eLearning in Math, Language, Spanish, Typing, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Vocabulary/Spelling, Reading Comprehension from books read and Writing, the first four are done daily others once or twice a week.

Students then meet in a circle and begin their Socratic Dialogue. We began this session by reading Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken." This coming week we will be diving into "What Do You Do With A Problem?" by Kobi Yamada.

Next the children go to lunch and recess, where they enjoy each other. They have been enjoying pretend games where they have "houses" and their a family protecting each other and each has a power to do things.

After Lunch and Recess students come back and either finish their pair share of vocabulary, lines and questions from Socratic Dialogue reading or we get started with PBL (Project Based Learning). We began our PBL this session by analyzing other children's speeches and creating a criteria of what we want our speeches to have. RISE UP!

After PBL we have on Monday- ART, Tuesday- MUSIC, Wednesday - Writer's Workshop, Thursday- Science Lab and Friday P.E. In Art this session we are studying Henri Matisse and Georgia O' Keefe, Music we just started our new piece with notes C, D, E, F & G, Writer's Workshop we will continue to use techniques to better our writing - we looked at "better words" for good, happy, sad, etc., this past week, in Science Lab we will be looking at all that is involved with our mouth/voice since we are creating a Speech this Session and in P.E. exercising, stretching and more team building. Here are a few photos of our ENRICHMENTS.

After our Enrichment, the students have D.E.A.R- sometimes we read our library books, our grade level readers, informational text available in the room, from our concentrated shelf- books relative to our PBL OR we read together - we started "The Children of Fatima" by Mary Fabyan Windeatt.

We then tidy up our workspaces and classroom, visit our lockers, pack our bags and get ready to go home.

We all come to our meeting space in the middle of the room to share our Grows- what we learned, what we accomplished better, what we felt we improved on and we share our Glows- someone we felt did a good job, a very exciting thing they did, what they enjoyed, and how they shared with others in any way.

We then say prayers and offer out intentions for OH SO MANY things.

We line up and head to the gym for dismissal.

We say, "Good- Bye!"

Till Tomorrow.


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