• Veronica Montalvo

Week 2: Building a Culture of Community

This week, the team members in the St. Dominic Savio Middle School Studio were becoming more self-directed as the routines and procedures were practiced more and more. Each student signed up to lead our "Epic Morning Launch Prayer" via an online platform. The Prayer Leader in responsible for the morning opening prayer (their choice) during the morning COLLECT time, prayer before and after our lunch meal, and our closing of the day prayer. We also learned about the life of our Holy Hero of the Week - St. Dominic Savio.

CONQUER time is dedicated to eLearning - Khan Academy, NoRedInk, Duolingo, Typing, and Vocabulary. Students are able to view their progress and guage if they are spending too much time or not enough on their work. Vocabulary.com launch this week as students focus on vocabulary words from our book study this session on "The Alchemist" by Paolo Coelho.

COLLABORATE time is when students dive into their Socratic Seminar discussions. This week, our focus was on the Health topic of "Learning About Yourself and Others" from our Real Essentials curriculum. Big Questions for students included: Who am I?, What's So Special About Me?, How Do I See Myself?, Manners, and Whole Person Health. Students also took an online quiz to discover their Learning Style and their Love Language.

CREATE time was used to introduce and prepare students for reading "The Alchemist", which sets the foundation for SESSION 1 Project theme - Courage for the Journey: How do you seek to become your own personal legend and how do you overcome fear of becoming that? Students took a dive into Magical Realism, Narrative Writing (Writer's Workshop), Metaphorical Journeys, and reviewing the Hero's Journey.

The team members finalized the studio promises and constitution, marking their commitment to the members of the studio, themselves, and the school community. Each student signed the document, setting the tone for the type of culture they wish to have in the St. Dominic Savio Studio.

ENRICHMENT gave the students time to learn the mass songs as a music ministry band, work on team building through games in PE, and explore the art and painting style of Vincent van Gogh as each began their self-portraits using complimentary colors.

Our ministry teams are gearing up for our first school mass by practicing set up for worship in the gymnasium. Looking forward to celebrating our first mass as a micro school. Peace be with you!

Inspiring each child to find a calling and change the world!

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