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Week #3 Elementary Studio -"Sitting like Scholars"

Pictured below are the Elementary students discussing Tolerance/Intolerance and Inclusion/Exclusion.

Daily in the Studio, the elementary students hold a Socratic Dialogue. They study a piece of published work. It could be a poem, book, excerpt, picture or video. From the works, they circle or write down words they are not familiar with and sentences they believe to be important or "stand out." Questions are posed for them to answer prior to the Socratic Dialogue, as they study the piece of work and find their answers. At times the students partner share their definition of words circled, their underlined sentences and thoughts before the next days discussion. (Below are pictures of the partner sharing.)

The Elementary Studio consist of 2nd thru 5th graders, so the Socratic Dialogue lends to how they "see" and define the topics. It is amazing to hear them stand up for what they believe and to see them have tolerance for each other. Sometimes the most simplistic view point, which does not go excluded, makes all the students heads nod in agreement. There are no right or wrong answers so all thoughts can be Included. The "thinking" silence that feels the air is so reassuring that they are pondering the views shared. For this dialogue of Tolerance, Intolerance, Inclusion and Exclusion the students read, heard and watched a video of "The Sneetches" by Dr. Seuss. They were able to define the words, and to create and analyze a better understanding of Tolerance/Intolerance and Exclusion/Inclusion. The discussion will continue this coming week.............


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