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What is the Pink Tower?

Updated: Aug 30

This week, the Primary studio children were introduced to one of the most iconic and favorite of all Montessori materials, the Pink Tower, which was designed by Dr. Maria Montessori herself. It remains unchanged and is found in Montessori classrooms all over the world. The material consists of 10 wooden cubes, ranging in size from 1 cubic centimeter to 10 cubic centimeters, differing in three dimensions. The Pink tower helps the child develop visual discrimination, vocabulary, fine motor skills and introduces them to math concepts. The cubes are meant to be carried one by one to the child's work rug. Using their visual discrimination, the child sees whether they have built the tower correctly, helping build their confidence and independence. Through language games, vocabulary is introduced, such as largest, smallest, big, bigger, biggest. It encourages the child to use descriptive language in the environment. It prepares the hand for writing, as children need to use the 3-finger grip to carry the cubes. The Pink Tower indirectly introduces the child to the decimal system as the child works with cubes that represent numbers 1-10. It also introduces geometry as they explore different cubes and their dimensions. You may ask "why is it pink?" Dr. Montessori explored different colors and saw that the children were attracted to pink. All of the cubes are the same color, shape and texture. This helps the child to focus on one important quality of the material, the size. The primary children enjoyed beginning their exploration of the sensorial area of the Montessori classroom. They are learning more than they know!


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